How to play NFS Most Wanted in LAN with your friends…

Hello guys, I am playing NFS most wanted black edition. Till now I was playing it in career mode or challenge series. Few days before I tried to play in LAN with my friends, but it didn’t work.

Here is the trick how to play NFS most wanted in LAN. All you need is one small software “NFS LAN game extender”. You can download from the site given below.

Now run this software from the command prompt like this:

nfsu2relay.exe <NFSU2 machine-1 IP> <NFSU2 machine-2 IP> [NFSU2 machine IP-3…]

or make a .bat file and edit it. write above line in that file. Whenever you want to play game just double click the .bat file and you are done, no need to type that long command every time. But make sure that when a new player comes don’t forget to add his ip address in that file.

please note that your firewall is not blocking this software. Now run the NFS game from your pc and host the server. Then ask your friend to join the server you hosted.

Enjoy LAN gaming…. 😀


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