Let’s Romanticize the rain — Wondrous Poetry

I don’t know in which rain I should drench, Oh God! Here is yours and my beloved’s is there. But I want to dissolve in this two types of grace, And now I have two skies to be blessed. And he comes with a smile spraying smart, scholary face, Staring at the waves of my […]

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Credibility of destiny

Wondrous Poetry


Shall you replenish my desolation in to ecstatic things?

And flourish my serendipity with your frenetic feelings.

Your eyes, what realism! Left me in astonishment,

Its ethereal profoundness drove me to live on the edge of excitement.

You chose me from a whirlpool of multitudes of these sphere,

I went through the thoroughness of your limpidity, oh my dear!

The vapour of my coffee beckoning me towards your thoughts of enduring impact,

And there you, my saffron star -inebriated in personify my dreams into fact.

The world will never show deploration over their deeds, and it’s perilous reality,

Let’s be incurably impatient to show this globe, our perceptible vitality.

Let’s be elated over the pinnacles and pit-falls of our viability,

Sculpting our own grandeur and winning destiny’s credibility.

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Days of struggle

Wondrous Poetry

I want a little leisure
to share some burden
and pretty pleasure.

I will can’t forget those poignant moments
The faces those laughing at me
and making comments.

I will never forget those marvelous memories
When I had achieved vibrant varieties of injuries.

The days when I was flooded
with lots of stumbles
Unforgettable  they are –
which have made me so humble.

Those one way accidents to be
produced in the past
I will never forget them
till the breath last.

I could know from those days pure
The struggle can make the person mature.

I am thankful to those people
who have taught me the difference
between lonely and alone.

I am grateful to those circumstances
which have provided the ingredients
to me to write.

I have captured the snapshots of all these
Where I get myself pervading like breeze.

All these things
I am saying you with…

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A Love letter

Wondrous Poetry


I have left some pages blank without any words in it,
because I know you will read my voice of silence in it.

I get glad and gorgeous after gaining your celestial love,
I can bear a slap of time & life’s each & every curve.

You wipe  the tears in my eyes before my eyes show the signs of shower,
but when tears of glad are trickling down my cheeks, you get more power.

Uptill now we have been running with our legs.
but since today we will run with strength of our love, our cosmie self.

When your eyes piercing me add the blush on my cheeks at a single glance,
is my unforgettable experience, an incredible romance.

There is high humidity of hurdles in the life which has several twists and turns,
but why we should be ached while we can surely add a special sparkle and…

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Woman : A Charismatic Existence

Wondrous Poetry


The woman
A charismatic creation of god
Whose beauty is silver and heart is gold
Who is modest and mature.

She doesn’t know anything
About the things which are destined
Because she is guileless and frank
Simple and soft hearted.

She can drench in the rain
To dissolve her lachrymation in it
And thus melt  her pain.

But  she is not only the totality of affection
She has  her goals and great  destination.

She is not an expendable commodity
Yes, this is the perceiveness of majority.

She doesn’t   know how to retreat
Only  know  to handle the crisis.

She knows – two way love is gorgeous and shine
But   one  way  love can  become  divine.

She is more  stronger in  compare  to man
Because she has seen the blood as a woman.

She wants  a wide horizon and  wings to fly
Racing towards a new ascent
No reason to cry.

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Fire from within

Wondrous Poetry

I breathe fire because I live in the volcanic realm,
I  see  before  my  eyes  the  flaring  dream.

I want to play with fire though smoke gets in my eyes,
And the things that propagate fire are extreme wise.

Fire  from  within  means  the  passionate  zeal,
Which removes all the sorrows and makes wounds heal.

Having a splash of smile in feverish heat of time,
I am accomplished with the rhythmic rising rhyme.

With fire of desire, I want to live like a live wire,
Want a little leisure from woes and try to go higher.

Burn the bias, destroy the debility, and search for the stride,
Enfold the earth, shake the sky and reach to pinnacle of pride.

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Mullyangiri Trekking

If you are staying nearby mountains full of greenery, nothing can make your weekend wonderful except to visit it. Well I wanted to go for trekking for so long time, but till now some how it got delayed. Few days ago, my colleagues  were discussing about a club (BMC) which organizes trekking program. I visited their site, they gave full description of full schedule, i went through it and I registered my self along with my two friends (Amit & Santosh).

We started this trip/trekking at Friday night (11th of Jan). We reached Mullyangiri base camp very early in the morning (4:30 am). It was very cold there. Quickly we made our self comfortable under blankets/sleeping bags. After couple of hours we made our self ready for trekking which includes light breakfast. Then organizers gave us some instruction about trekking. Like

  • No alcohol during trekking
  • Watch your step
  • Don’t go ahead of person in group and don’t stay behind of the last person in group.


Then we had some light moments, starting with introduction of every one and answer to the question, “Which is the thing you will carry, if you’re going to stuck on lonely island?”. Everybody gave different interesting answers like, Swiss knife, Laptop, husband, good rope, Diary etc etc…

After this light/happy moments we reached to starting point of trekking which was 8 km away from base camp. For starting of trekking this part was bit difficult because straight away we had to go for very steep part of trekking. But I was confident on my self. In the description only organizers informed us that level of trekking would be Moderate to Difficult.

 IMG_1272 IMG_1280 IMG_1562 IMG_1466 IMG_1352 IMG_1311 IMG_1283

After 4 km of steep climbing we were on the peak Mullayangiri. We visited couple of caves there. We prayed in the temple situated on the peak. Took so many photographs. Though the sun was shining we were not feeling the temperature very much. I have to stay that this part of India has best of the conditions. After few minutes of rest at this point we were headed to our next destination. This part of trekking was around 3 km long and very easy, we just had to walk.

At around 12-1 pm (not sure) we reached forest check point, I am not sure about the name of this check point. After few minutes, lunch came from base camp. We were so tired that though we were eating veg biryani with raita/achar, it felt so delicious. I had two plates of Biryani 😀 . Some of the experienced guys were telling that in last few years they didn’t had this kind of tasty food. Well, it was not the effect of food, it was effect of the trekking and nice weather.

At around 3 pm started for second part of trekking. Well have to say that this part of trekking was the difficult one, specially after the heavy lunch. For this part of trekking we were suppose to cross one hill, and the path was on it’s peak. Some parts of this was so dangerous that if you lose a step, not a bone will be in a single piece. That part lasted for around 3 km. Now stamina of different persons were coming in to picture. Some professional trekkers were way ahead(2-3 kms, if I am not exaggerating). I was average in stamina. For this part we were suppose to reach mobile towers near Manikyadhara Falls and then to Manikyadhara. At around 5 pm I was at that destination, did some chatting with so called professional trekkers. One of them had done trekking in Himalayas. They were carrying all the branded stuff. They greeted me for completing this trek. They told me that you have lots of things to share with your friends. They added that right then I was very tired but when you share that experience with my friend I will bluff that that was very easy, I can do it any time :P.  After few minutes Santo and Amit also joined me. We had few snaps there.

Then after few minutes we were at Manikyadhara falls, due to cold weather and monkeys I decided not to go near by falls. The fall was very small, it was pilgrimage of both hindu and muslim religion. I took rest there for few minutes. Then again in cab we reached our base camp again. We sat near bonfire, we ate dinner. We were suppose sleep in tents, that’s nice experience everybody should take. After sleeping I don’t know how night passed.


In morning organizers waked us up at 7 am. After breakfast we headed toward Dabedabe falls (I am not sure about the name). To visit that fall we had to go 1km downhill, but it was worth. That fall was very beautiful. Though weather was cold, water was cold everybody could not resist them slef to get wet in that fall. If you go under that fall, in few seconds your body will loose all senses. For me it is like brainwash.

IMG_1715                IMG_1642               IMG_1637

Well this was the last part of this adventure. Thanks to BMC for organizing such a wonderful-adventurous event. Thanks Santo & Amit for giving me company.

Following is the summary of this adventure.

Duration: 2 nights 2 days

Starting Point: Bangalore

Date : 11th jan to 13 jan 2013.

Organizer: BMC, Bangalore

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